Lesson 6 Charting Exercise Exit

Lesson 6 is not an interactive lesson, rather it is requires you to print this page and then to follow the directions to do a chart using the Expenditures by Vendor template.

In Lesson 4, you created a report that examined expenditures summarized by month during the budget year 1998 for a vendor for Agency No. 651. Now you would like to create a chart showing that same information for Vendor No. V0000660060. You will create this report using "live" data. Since you want to see a report summarizing expenditure information by vendor, click the Expenditures by Vendor template.

Query Information Screen

In your final report, you want to see only the Total Expend and Accounting Month. However, you want to filter on the Budget Year, Vendor Nbr and Agency Nbr (SAAS), so all five of these columns must be checked on the Query Information screen. In addition you want to group by the accounting month and select chart as the output type.

    1. Click in the check boxes by the columns listed above.
    2. Click Group under Group or Sort Records
    3. Click Chart under Output Type
    4. Click Next to continue.

Grouping Options Screen

Select the columns you want to group the data by and determine how you want the result calculated.

    1. Click all columns under Choose the columns to group.
    2. Click Total Total Expend.
    3. Click Next.

Filter Options Screen

This report requires creating three filters.

    1. Create a filter to restrict your report to Agency Nbr 651.
    2. Create a filter to restrict your report to Budget Year 1998.
    3. Create a filter to restrict your report to Vendor Nbr V0000660060.
    4. Click Next to continue.

Chart Options Screen

Filters will appear at the bottom of your chart, but you might want to also enter them in your title. On this screen, you will choose the chart type and the columns to use for the X and Y axes. There are many other formatting options at the bottom of this screen which you can explore later.

    1. Enter Vendor Nbr V0000660060, BY 1998, Agency 651 in the Title box.
    2. Select Column from the Chart Type list and select the 2D radio button.
    3. Click the Accounting Month column for the X-Axis and Total Total Expend for the Y-Axis.
    4. Click Run to submit the query.

Query Report Screen

Your trend chart shows the expenditures for one vendor over a year's time.